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Introduction -

The College of Fine Arts is one of the five colleges at National Taiwan University of Arts. The college contains Department of Fine Arts, Department of Painting and Calligraphy Arts, Department of Sculpture, and Department of Architecture Art Preservation Each department has both undergraduate and graduate programs. In addition, Department of Fine Arts and Department of Chinese Calligraphy and Painting have undergraduate programs (evenings). Department of Painting and Calligraphy Arts provides a M.A. Program.

Focus of the College -

The College of Fine Arts embraces both tradition and innovation. Students study art theory from both east and the west, and value local characteristics while developing global views. The college strives to make use of technology, to incorporate international information, and to encourage students to create an original style. The college actively recruits outstanding teachers with specialized and rich work experience to join our faculty. The College of Fine Arts is a strong supporter of the Creative and Cultural Industries.

Academic exchange and international academic seminars are strongly encouraged. Each department regularly holds school anniversary art exhibitions, teacher and student art exhibitions, academic seminars and international academic panels.
Our college also organizes a series of master academic lectures for prominent guests. We also hold large foundation- and entrepreneur-commissioned competitions.


With the advance of science and technology, in the academic and artistic fields, we can't stand outside on the pulse of society. In addition to pursue new knowledge of traditional values and innovation, the team of the Academy of Fine Arts will fulfill social services within art in order to enhance the artistic conservation and to create a high-quality cultural and artistic temperament.

In the future, we will enhance the quality of research and teaching connotation, integrate teaching resources with research funding, promote international academic cooperation, and obtain adequate teaching resources. In the future, we will attract distinguished domestic and foreign teachers, recruit high-quality students, increase teaching and research space, achieve high quality academic standard, and cultivate students towards the whole person.

The Department of Fine Arts offers BFA and MFA degrees.

Education in the College -

The College of Fine Arts offers both bachelor and master’s programs. For the college compulsory courses, we have "Basic Aesthetics" ones. Students in this college need to acquire 2 credits of these courses before graduation.

Faculty -

Kuang-Yi Chen, Professor
Academic Background: PhD, Universite Paris X Nanterre
Specialty: Art Research Methodologies, History of Modern Art, Contemporary Art Theories, History of Western Art, Painting Theory, Contemporary Art

Course -

■College of Fine Arts Course Description
Basic Aesthetics (2)
Digital image design (2)
Application of Image Art (2)
3D Visual Design (2)
Art Market Analysis and Marketing Seminar (2)
Basic Anatomy for the Arts (2)
Image Deconstruction (2)
Chromatics (2)
Topics on the culture of southern part of Fukien Province (3)
Performance to plan project (3)
Oriental Art and Thought (3)
Comparative Study of Eastern and Western Fine Arts (3)
Seminar on Theory of Aesthetics (3)
Topics on Taiwan Fine-Arts (3)
Seminar of Chinese calligraphy(3)
Seminar on Theory of Aesthetics (3)

Related Departments:

Department of Fine Arts (Bachelor, Master, Graduate School of Printmaking)
Department of Painting Calligraphy (Bachelor, Master, PhD, Graduate School of Plastic Arts)
Department of Sculpture(Bachelor, Master)
Department of Architecture Art Preservation(Bachelor, Master)