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Introduction -

The Art Museum was first opened on March 24th 2008, and is a unique part of the university. Our focus is on planning special exhibitions, maintaining and forging partnerships with other museums, public relations, marketing and other museum related consulting services. We also place importance on museum collection research and art education programs. We hope to strategically expand our programs for museum and art education, and by doing so we will play an important role as an ‘art center’.

The concept behind our museum architectural design is to create an “Integrated space”. The main museum is 210 square feet, the International Exhibition Hall is 96 square feet, the Dahan Gallery and the Daguan Gallery are 99 square feet respectively, and finally the Zhenshanmei Gallery is 96 square feet. These 4 rooms in total are 600 square feet. Every year several special exhibitions are planned every year in addition to there being close to over100 other events for students and the public to attend.

Art Museum hopes to enhance professional curatorship, update the quality of our exhibition space and museum service for artists, school teachers and students alike. They have the opportunity to share their art works and talents in the museum space. This method of sharing also hopes to inspire museum visitors to know more about the creation and the aesthetics of contemporary art. Our aim is to serve as a model teaching resource center, ensuring the delivery of lifelong learning and social education. Art Museum looks forward to cooperating and partnering with artists, academic institutions and engaging in international exchange activities. We believe this will help teachers, students and the public to develop a multicultural perspective and their critical-thinking.

People -

Director of Art Museum:Jing-Zhong, Luo

Chief of Collection and Research Section: Shi-Zhen,Zhao

Chief of Educational Extension Section: Jing-Zhong, Luo

Duty -

The Art Museum is headed by a director, and consists of a “Collection and Research Section”, “Educational Extension Section” and “Historical Object Conservation Research Center” responsible for relevant tasks.
1. Collection and Research Section
(1) Determination of collection system anf rules, engaging members of the collection review committee, holding collection review committee conferences.
(2) Identification and verification of provenance, review, price negotiation, acceptance, write-off, classification and registration.
(3) Entry and filling of archival materials concerning items in collection, storage.
(4) Accepting donations and application for loan of collected items for display.
(5) Digitization of collection system, computerization of retrieval services.
(6) Formulation of research directions and special-topic commissioned research project involving collected works, establishment of an artist file database, holding of international academic seminars, art lectures, and conferences, academic research on art, museum service development research, important special-topic research papers, international art exchanges, and inter-museum cooperation, etc.
(7) Exhibition research, book publishing, compilation of specialized art books.
2. Educational Extension Section
(1) Planning and implementation of educational extension activities connected with exhibitions.
(2) Holding guided tours and education sessions in order to expand the art viewer base.
(3) Recruiting and training of volunteers.
(4) Helping record, disseminate, and promote exhibition(website) images and textual materials.
(5) Production of print and multimedia resources connected with exhibitions.
(6) Handing other assigned services on a temporary basis.
3. Historical Object Conservation Research Center
(1) Conservation and storage of collections in the art museum of university
(2) Conducting off-campus cases of investigation and conservation of historical objects
(3) Taking charge of the assignment of inventory which is entrusted by national department and private company
(4) Providing consulting service of conservation
(5) Holding lecture courses of preservation and conservation of various kinds of objects
(6) Accepting applications of internship which is recommended by other academic organizations