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Art and Humanities Instruction

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Introduction -

Established in August, 2007, our graduate school branched into three academic fields: the visual (arts), the auditory (music) and the kinesthetic (drama and dance). Our department meets the goals of the Nine-Year Compulsory Curriculum in Arts Education Policy, while integrating with diverse Departments and academic arts organizations to promote Arts and Humanities Education Area. The graduated school program also has joint faculty with Teacher Education Center.

Focus of the graduate school -

The Focus of Graduate School of Arts and Humanities Instruction is designed to meet the needs of new teachers of arts and humanities, and to incorporate the theory and practice of the Twelve-year Compulsory Curriculum arts courses. The program has developed in three distinct directions:

(1) Cooperation with schools offering fine arts, music and performance subjects in promoting teaching research and in providing assistance to arts and humanities teachers
(2) Promotion of arts and humanities education through service groups in countries and cities
(3) Regular seminars providing graduate students with multiple learning resources and research approaches; hosting professionals and scholars in local performing, visual and auditory fields to share practical experiences

Education in the Graduate School -
The curriculum is divided into four main areas, Arts and Humanities Basic Courses, Arts and Humanities Specialized Courses, Arts and Humanities Education Research Courses, and Research Methodology Courses. The graduate school offers the degree in Master of Education (MEd).

Faculty -

Wen-Chien Lia, Assistant Professor and Chairman
Academic Background: Ph.D., National Chengchi University
Specialty: Educational Administration

Chia-cheng Chen, Professor
Academic Background: Ph.D., National Chengchi University
Specialty: Educational Psychology, Learning Psychology, Motivational Psychology, Educational Assessment and Evaluation

Huei-Mei Shih, Associate Professor
Academic Background: Ph.D., University of Wollongong
Specialty: History of Western Art, Color Theory

Chyi-Chang Li, Associate Profesor
Academic Background: Ph.D., Australian National University
Specialty: Drama Education, Directing and Acting, Performing Arts Education

Tzeng-Rrong Huang, Assistant Professor
Academic Background: Ph.D., National Chengchi University
Specialty: Educational Statistics, Educational Finance

Shuang-Ching Lee, Assistant Professor
Academic Background: Ph.D., Columbia University

Course -

Instructional theory
Arts education methodology study
Journal thesis writing study
Arts reading study
Taiwan Folk Art study
Instructional Psychology study
Aesthetics study
Creative Industry and Management in Artistic Mind Growth
Curriculum Development and Design study
Arts & humanities teacher professional development study
Technology Arts education study
Arts education study
Reading therapy study
Arts therapy study
Development of the Performing Art Education and Its Pedagogical Materials and Aids Study
Statistical software applied in computer program
Quantative research study
Action research study
Narrative study
Arts & humanities teacher professional development study
1.Music arts instruction study
2.Performance arts instruction study
3.Visual arts instruction study