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Introduction -

When this institution was established in 1955, our department was originally called the Film and Drama Section. The department initially stressed the integration of film and drama. However, in keeping with pervading trends, film and drama content was later separated, and the Department of Drama and Department of Motion Pictures was established in 1981. In the meantime, significant improvements were made in academics, curriculum, faculty, and department facilities. In 2005, our department put its full focus on drama and theatre and changed its name to the Department of Drama. The new department expanded its teaching and research base and broadened its attention to include performing arts-related fields such as drama, Theatre, education and media. A master’s program followed in 2006.
The Graduate School of Performing Arts was established in 2002 and is affiliated with the College of Performing Arts. The graduate school recruits university and college graduates for four sections which include music, dance, theatre, and Chinese Opera. In 2005, the performance category in the Music Section was established, though section divisions were abolished in recruitment in 2006. In 2007, an in-service graduate program was established.

Our Mission -

The department aims to promote international treads and development of drama and enlightens individuals with the analytical and technical skills to achieve their goals. The curriculum positions on drama and theatre by teaching and research and extends to drama, theatre, education and media related professional performing art field.

Education in the Department of Drama -

Curriculums are designed to incorporate our mission along with students’ interests. The main program will focus on theory, directing and performance, theatre application and theatre technique. Specific course content includes Introduction to Drama, Eastern and Western Drama and Theatre History. Principles of Drama, Modern Drama, Directing Methods, Theatre Performance, Rehearsal, Basics of Theatre Technique, Stage and Light Design, Sound , Makeup, Computer-assisted Design in Stage Art, Stage Management, Creative Drama, Educational Drama, Drama Therapy, Children’s Theatre.

Focus of the Graduate School -

The Graduate School of Performing Arts focuses on three main areas: 1) creating an interdisciplinary academic framework for research, performance, and arts; 2) handling matters related to research, performance, and arts, and making relevant improvements; and 3) establishing and integrating a database to organize research on performing arts.

Education in the Graduate School -

Education in the Graduate School of Performing Arts is aimed at cultivating talent in music, dance, theatre, and Chinese Opera. The Graduate School also teaches students performing arts theory, performing arts criticism, and other practical abilities associated with performing arts. Through this process, the Graduate School also instills in students a concern for society and culture and establishes a system which recognizes the importance of the humanities.

Bachelor Program -

(1) The development of theoretical and practical knowledge in drama
The department integrates the traditional and modern knowledge for students to establish premium foundation in this professional field, and we also offer students with a direction of future career path, like screenwriter, critique research and review editor, stage designer, producer and director, and forms potential to develop in professional field such as radio, television, film, media industries.
(2) The establishment of professional qualification in drama
The experience and achievements the students gain can develop their capabilities. Our professional faculty and curriculum; integrate, create, perform and manage which enable individuals to lay the foundation within the department, and expect comprehensive development in the related areas of the drama.
(3) The capabilities of theoretical and practice in drama
Practice through teaching in performing art field, the variety practices of the courses focus on creativity, management, and education. Practical experiences are gained from social group healing and other interdisciplinary fields, with the ability of the integrated application of theory and practical work.

Master Program -

(1) The development on theoretical and practice research in drama
Develop further and deeper core in drama related study, nurturing individuals to achieve their goal. The considerable knowledge in theoretical and practice will gain in-depth for individuals and focus on research theory, practice and fulfill independent research purposes.
(2) The professional in drama research training
Graduate study will integrate research with work experience. Perspectives will expand to multiple level and entries. The research argument will be diversified. Merge individuals to superior professional.
(3) The development of drama application research on related professional
The interdisciplinary of art fashion trends shift. Multiple perspectives and broaden background will integrate individuals. Knowledge on drama theory and practice professional should have multiple perspectives in order to integrate the variety concept in the field of research. In response to the modern theater, film and television related industry. Actively involvement cultivates application research to elite. Serve ecological, industrial, and social environmental for purpose of goal.

Faculty -

Chin-Hui Shu, Associate Professor and Chair
Academic Background: MA, Chinese Culture University
Specialty: Chinese Drama and Theatre History, Chinese Music Analysis, and Drama Theory

Lin-Han Lan, Professor
Academic Background: Ph.D., Texas Tech University
Specialty: Stage Design, Lighting Design, Multimedia Design and Production, and Theatre Administration and Management

Chin-Li Liu, Professor
Academic Background: Ph.D., St. Mary’s University of Minnesota
Specialty: Drama Theory, Western Drama, Theatre History, and Drama Criticism

Kuang-Sheng Shih, Professor
Academic Background: Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles
Specialty: Chinese and Western Drama History, Taiwanese Editors, Drama Theory, Puppet Theatre, and Play Writing and Directing

San-Yi Lin, Professor
Academic Background: MA, Milan Art Academy
Specialty: Scene Design, Theatre Techniques, Stage Art Theory, Theatre Planning and Community Theatre

Yu-ling Chao, Professor
Academic Background: PhD, Laban Centre (London)
Specialty: Sociology of Dance, Choreological Studies, Dance Research Methodology, Dance Criticism, Dance Aesthetics, Cultural Studies, Interdisciplinary Research in Performing Arts

Hui-Shan Chen, Professor
Academic Background: PhD, Birmingham City University, UK
Specialty: Musicology, Modern Music, Music Aesthetics and Criticism, Western Music Tradition in Taiwan

Lien-Chiang Chang, Assistant Professor
Academic Background: PhD, National Central University
Specialty: Theatre in Education, Creative Drama, Topics on Children's Theater

Yi-Ling Tsai, Lecturer
Academic Background: Goldsmiths College, MA. Performance Making University of London
Specialty: Performance

Master's Program in Performing Arts
Faculty -

Hsing-Kuo WU (WU Kuo-Chiu), Professor
Academic Background: Fu-Hsing Chinese Opera School, and Department of Theatre Arts, Chinese Culture University
Specialty: Artistic Director of the Contemporary Theatre, Chinese Opera, Intercultural Drama Creation, Dance, TV and Movie Performance

Yu-ling Chao, Professor
Academic Background: PhD, Laban Centre (London)
Specialty: Sociology of Dance, Choreological Studies, Dance Research Methodology, Dance Criticism, Dance Aesthetics, Cultural Studies, Interdisciplinary Research in Performing Arts.

Hui-Shan Chen, Associate Professor
Academic Background: PhD, Birmingham City University, UK
Specialty: Musicology, Modern Music, Music Aesthetics and Criticism, Western Music Tradition in Taiwan, Aesthetic Study of Performing Arts.

Course of Bachelor Degree Program -

Body Development and Acting (2)
Lectures on Performing (2)
Creatvity in Performing (2)
Stage Performing Practice (2)
Makeup and Costume Desigjn (2)
Performing Formulation and Production (2)
Expressive Art Therapy (2)
Aesthetics of Performing Arts (2)
Adiministration and Management of Performing Arts (2)
Rehearsal (II) (4)
Introduction to Acting (4)
Basic to Playwriting (4)
Introduction to Stage craft (4)
Introduction to Directing (4)
Introduction to Drama and Theatre (4)
History of Western Drama and Theatre (4)
Rehearsal (I) (4)
Dramatic Theory (4)
History of Chinese Drama and Theatre (4)
Creative Drama (4)
Modern Drama (4)
Senior Production (4)
Acting (I) (4)
Paly writing (4)
Directing (I) (4)
Directing (II) (4)
Acting (III) (4)
Guided Reading of Western Plays (4)
Guided Reading of Chinese Plays (4)
Scenery Technologies and Practicum (4)
Costume Crafts (4)
Movement (4)
Basic Musical Acting (4)
Voice and Diction (4)
Stage Design and Rendering (4)
Lighting Technologies and Practicum (4)
Stage Makeup (4)
Scene Design (4)
Costume Design (4)
Acting (II) (4)
Appreciation and Analysis of Drama (4)
Theater Marketing and Management (4)
Computer Aided Drafting and Design (4)
Lighting Design (4)
Sound Practicum (2)
Intern Ship (2)
Training for Master of Ceremony (2)
Sound Design (2)
Theatre in Education (4)
Appreciation of Chinese Opera (4)
Drama Therapy (4)
Children Theater (2)
Community Theatre (2)
Multimedia in Theatre(2)
Pantomime (I) (2)
Youth Theatre (2)
Musical Narrative Art (2)
Pantomime (II) (2)
Course of Master Degree Program -
Interdisciplinary Research in Performing Arts (3)
Seminar on Theory of Aesthetics (3)
Seminar on Performing Arts (3)
Strategy and Marketing of Art (3)
Research Methodology and Thesis Writing (3)
Topics on Contemporary Taiwanese Theater (3)
Seminar on Chinese Drama and Theater (3)
Seminar on the History of Western Drama and Theater (3)
Topics on Technical Theatre (3)
Topics on Musical Production (3)
Theory and Practice on Theatre in Education (3)
Theory on Creative Drama Teaching (3)
Topics on Scenery Design Theory (3)
Theatre Semiotics (3)
Seminar on the History of Chinese Drama and Theatre (3)
Topics on Great Directors (3)
Topics on Western Dramatic Theory (3)
Theory and Practice on Drama in Education (3)
Topics on Theatre Aesthetics (3)
Strategy in Theater Management (3)
Topics on History of Taiwanese Drama (3)
Topics on Western Modern Drama (3)
Topics on Acting System (3)
Topics on Youth Theater (3)
Seminar on Avant-Garde Theatre (3)
Topics on Taiwanese Modern Drama (3)
Topics on Stage Design (3)
Topics on Playwritings (3)
Digital Art Visualization in Theater (3)
Theory and Practicum on Drama Therapy (3)
Comparative Drama (3)
Topics on Great Playwrights (3)
Topics on Children's Theater (3)
Contemporary Community Theatre (3)
Integrated Media in Theatre (3)
Theatre Applications and Program Planning (3)

Master's Program in Performing Arts -


Research Methods and Thesis Writings (3)
Theory and Application of Performing Arts Skills (3)
Historiography of Performing Arts (3)
Intercultural Study on Masterpieces of Performing (3)
Topics on Contemporary Dance Production (3)
Topics on Theatre Criticism (3)
Aesthetics and Criticism of Music (3)
Dance Studies (3)
The Performing Methods and Aesthetics of Chinese Traditional Opera (3)
Aesthetics of Performing Arts (3)
Tradition and Change in Performing Arts (3)
Methodology and Practice of Fieldwork (3)
Dance Analysis: Concept, Skill and Practice (3)
Topics on Contemporary Theatre Production (3)
Topics on Contemporary Music Production (3)
Intercultural Research and Application in Performance Arts (3)
Special Seminar Ⅰ(3)
Criticism of Performing Arts (3)
Cultural Ecology of Performing Arts (3)
Sociology of Performing Arts (3)
Topics on Dance Criticism (3)
Intercultural Study in Dance (3)
Intercultural Study in Theatre (3)
Theory and Appreciation of Music (3)
Studies on Music (3)
Performing Arts Practice Ⅰ(3)
Intercultural Study in Music (3)
Topics on Dance Theatre (3)
Performing Arts Practice Ⅱ(3)
Special Seminar Ⅱ(3)
Performing Arts as Creative Industries (3)
Expressive Arts Therapy and Application (3)
Studies on Chinese Operas (3)