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Introduction to the College of Performing Arts -

In accordance with the university charter, five colleges were established when this institution officially became a university on August 1, 2001. The College of Performing Arts consists of Department of Drama (including the Master of Performing Arts, formerly known as the Institute of Performing Arts), Department of Music, Department of Chinese Music, Department of Dance and Ph.D. Program of Performing Arts. This makes our college the most complete college of performing arts in Taiwan. Our college is committed to staying at the forefront of performance art research in the 21st Century, and to making the college into a performance art center in Taiwan.

Focus of the College of Performing Arts -

The College of Performing Arts is committed to developing a comprehensive organization which manages the departments which belong to our college. The curriculum in the College of Performing Arts is a combination of both the theoretical and practical. The department encourages interaction between the rural areas in the country, and holds various activities in the countryside.

Education in the College of Performing Arts -

In addition to the practical realities of performance, academic research and theoretical education make up a major part of education in our department.

The Department of Fine Arts offers BFA and MFA degrees.

Faculty -

Jao-Hsun Tseng, Professor and Dean
Academic Background: MFA in Dance, Lindenwood University
Specialty: Chinese Dance, Chinese Dance Repertories

Course -

■ College of Performing Arts Course Description
Interdisciplinary Research in Performing Arts (4)
Seminar on Theory of Aesthetics (3)
Seminar on Performing Arts (3)
Strategy and Marketing of Arts (3)
Development of the Body and Basic Acting (2)
Creative Performance (2)
Stagecraft (2)
Costume and Makeup Design (2)
Performance Planning and Production (2)
Special Topics on Performance (4)
Administration and Management of Performing Arts (2)

Related Departments:

Department of Applied Drama & Theater(Bachelor, Master)
■Master's Program in Performing Arts
Department of Music(Bachelor, Master)
Department of Chinese Music(Bachelor, Master)
Department of Dance(Bachelor, Master)
Graduate School of Performing Arts(PhD)