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Introduction -

The College of Communications was formally established when our institution was upgraded to university status on August 1, 2001. The College includes the Department of Graphic Communication Arts, the Department of Radio and Television, the Motion Picture Department, and the Digital Media Center.

The Department of Graphic Communication Arts was one of the first departments set up when the institution was established in 1955. The Department of Radio and Television was established in 1963. The Department of Motion Picture was separated from the Motion Picture and Drama Division, becoming the first motion picture department in Taiwan. The Graduate programs were established in the Department of Graphic Communication Arts and the Department of Motion Picture in 2005, and a Work-study program was established in 2006. In 2007, the graduate program of the Department of Radio and Television was established. The Digital Media Center includes a licensed college radio station (FM88.3), and Internet Television station (Arts TV) was established in 2005.

Focus of the College -

The College of Communications is a combination of the arts, communication media and technology. Compared with the other communications colleges in other universities in Taiwan, our college emphasizes artistic expression in course content, and integrates other facets of society such as humanism and information.

Technology and art is directly combined in our college. Motion picture, printing, photography, broadcasting, and television programming are all art creations founded on a good command of technological tools. The establishment of the Graduate School of Applied Media Arts was the direct fruit of such an approach, as the Graduate School of Applied Media Arts became the first graduate school in Taiwan to combine art aesthetics and the production of motion pictures and television programs.

Education in the College -

Students are educated in small groups in the College of Communications. We particularly emphasize interaction between teachers and students and stress the importance of maintaining a free and open study culture.

We also emphasize both theory and practice. Compared with other universities, we tend to provide students with more courses which involve practical training. By doing so, students have a chance to use some of the theory they learn in practical situations.

Faculty -

Shu-chin Lien, Professor and Dean
Academic Background: PhD, Kansas University
Specialty: Communication Theory, Research Methodology, Relationship Communication

Course of Bachelor -

Communication Aesthetics(2)
Media and Communication Theories(2)
Special Topics on Communication Issues(2)
Special Topics on Digital Media(2)
Seminar on the Media(2)
Communication and Gender (2)
Media Literacy(2)
Communication and Culture(2)
Special Topics on Artistic and Communication(2)
Special Topics on Cultural and Creative Industry(2)
Creative and Management of Media(2)
Internet protocol television Production(2)
Internet of Program Production(2)

Course of Master -

Special Topics (3)
Cultural Studies on Popular and Consumption Cultures(3)
Special Topic on New Media(3)
Special Topic on Communication Issues I(3)
Media and Creative Industries(3)
Planning and Practice of Mobile Media(3)
Marketing & Public Relations(3)
Special Topic on Communication Issues II(3)

Related Departments:

Department of Graphic Communication Arts(Bachelor, Master)
Department of Radio and Television(Bachelor, Master, Graduate School of Applied Media Arts)
Department of Motion Picture(Bachelor, Master)