The National Taiwan University of Arts (NTUA) Welcomes New President



The NTUA, known as the cradle of cultivating artistic talents in Taiwan, proudly welcomed its new president in August 2023. With the longest history of arts education in Taiwan, the NTUA has consistently nurtured exceptional artists and played a pivotal role in shaping Taiwan's vibrant artistic landscape. The appointment of the new president marks a significant milestone in the university's ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation in arts education.

In his address, newly appointed President Dr. CHUNG, Shih-kai expressed gratitude to his predecessors and ex-President Dr. Chen who have driven the transformation of the NTUA. He promised to exert his utmost effort, employ forward-thinking perspectives, innovative approaches, and cross-disciplinary resource integration to create a new realm of co-prosperity for the faculty, staff, and students. Firmly believing that "If we build it, they will come", he also looks forward to on going dialogue with relevant government departments and industries in order to construct further possibilities for the ecological environment of the arts. Moreover, he will work hard to transform the NTUA into an international and cross-cultural hub and propel Taiwanese art and culture forward onto the world stage by building a solid, sustainable foundation.

Regarding President Dr. CHUNG, Shih-kai:
The 12th President of the NTUA, Dr. CHUNG, Shih-kai, holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from George Washington University in the United States. He currently serves as a professor in the Department of Multimedia and Animation Arts at NTUA. He has previously served as the Vice President of the university, Dean of College of Design, Dean of Academic Affairs, Director of the Multimedia Department, President of the Taiwan Animation Creation Society, and President of ACM SIGGRAPH Taipei Chapter. His research interests include: 3D computer graphics, computer animation, virtual reality and multimedia design.

*Adapted from Section of Public Affairs Division of NTUA