Congratulations on Ruei-Fong Huang for Winning the Golden Prize of the 2014 Youth Film Festival!



Ruei-Fong Huang, an MA student studying in Multimedia and Animation Arts, won the Golden Prize for Animation at the 2014 Youth Film Festival through his work “Red Spot.”

Brief introduction to “Red Spot”:
Based on a true story, the “Red Spot” shows how hundreds and thousands of seals are stunned by seal hunters every year. Seals are seen being dragged with bodies bleeding all the way to the fishing vessel, an extremely painful and difficult way of dying. It is also a very frustrating road for animal advocators to get across their ideas.

Director: Professor Wei-Chung Chang
Producer: Ruei-Fong Huang
Manufacturer: Professor Wei-Chung Chang
Producing Member: Fong-Bao Huang, Moshin, Cheng-Yang Chiu, Hsiao Chiao, His-Rong Tsai