Congratulations on Alumni Ching-Chih Wu winning the First Prize of the Japanese ITAMI International Craft Exhibition



Alumni Ching-Chih Wu, graduating with an MA in Crafts and Design in 2013, won the prize of Excellence at “ITAMI Contemporary International Jewelry Exhibition” last year, has impressed Japan’s Crafts and Design field again by claiming the First Prize of this year’s 2013 ITAMI International Craft Exhibition through his creative piece, “Rain Trail.”

It is not an easy task to have won this prize. Based in Itami, a city known for brewing wine for nearly 400 years, the Festival has traditionally adopted “drinking vessel” (Shuki) as its annual topic, and tend to favor the works of Japanese designers. In spite of this tradition, Wu won out by work that highlights Taiwanese rainy season rather than drinking vessel. The senses of beauty and usefulness have allowed his work to triumph over 300 creative pieces from 12 different countries and to win the favor of judges, making his First Prize award even more rare and precious.

Please join us to congratulate Wu’s reception of this award and his great talent being recognized.