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Introduction -

Our center was formerly part of the Sport and Hygiene Section. However, the center later became independent as part of Ministry of Education policy designed to promote physical education, sports competitions, and court management. Together with the General Education Center and Innovation and Incubation Center, the center is now subordinate to the College of Humanities. In addition to promoting sport-related education and activities, sports facilities, and a healthy environment, our center actively searches for resources outside the university to make course content diverse and leisure-oriented, to advance faculty physical fitness, and to establish healthy habits of life-long exercise. Currently, the university has three representative teams, the Basketball, Table Tennis, and Tennis Teams.

Focus of the Office -

Our center holds a series of important events every year which include a School Games event in March every year, three-on-three basketball matches, as well as volleyball, table tennis, and tennis matches in the first semester of each year, and a President’s Cup basketball, volleyball, tennis, table tennis, and bowling competition in the second semester of each year. The center also recruits male students outstanding in basketball and female students proficient in tennis through a special selection process which gives students a second focus of study and raises their level of competency in other non-academic areas.

Education in the Office -

P.E. classes are compulsory for first- and second-year students and elective for third- and fourth-year students in the undergraduate program. In the first semester of the first year, P.E. classes are arranged according to students’ original classes and are aimed at enhancing basic sports abilities. Through a semester’s contact time, students are able to choose a sport they like or wish to learn, which may ultimately turn into a life-long hobby.

Faculty -

Yi-Chen Preng, Professor and Chair
Academic Background: Master, National Taiwan Sport University
Specialty: Tennis, Fitness and Yoga

Rong-Tsong Liu, Professor
Academic Background: BA, National Taiwan Normal University
Specialty: Volleyball and Tennis

Po-Lun Lee, Lecturer
Academic Background: MSc, National Taiwan Sport University, Graduate Institute of Coaching Science
Specialty: Rhythmic Gymnastics, Basketball and Bowling

Yen-Chieh Wen, Associate Professor
Academic Background: University Sports Academy, Doctor of Education-Sports Management
Specialty: Tennis, Badminton, Table tennis, Golf

Course -

Table Tennis (2)
Tennis (2)
Country Dance (2)
Swimming (2)
Bowling (2)
Basketball (2)
Aerobics (2)
Latin Aerobics (2)
Rhythmic Gymnastics (2)
Golf (2)
Body Fitness (2)
Basic Table Tennis (0)
Basic Badminton (0)
Basic Volleyball (0)
Basic Tennis (0)
Basic Swimming (0)
Basic Golf (0)
Power Body Sculpture (0)
Exercise And Body Sulpture (0)