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Extension Education Center
Tel: 886-2-22722181ext.1613
Fax: 886-2-29604035
E-Mail: ee@ntua.edu.tw

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Introduction -

Extension Education Center, established in 1990, is responsible for promoting and executing the extension education. The center provides courses of better quality for students and shows a more professional service.

General Office time: From Monday to Friday, AM 8:30 to PM 9:00.
Summer or winter vacation: From Monday to Friday, AM 8:30 to PM 5:00.
TEL: 886-2-227723568 / 886-2-22722181 Ext.1611~1616.

People -

There are seven Education Center and four administrative assistants.

Name/Title:Mr. Chang-Lang Chen Director of the Extension Education Center
Phone No.:ext. 1600

Name/Title:Ms. Fei-Ying Lee Director of Promotion Division
Phone No.:ext. 1610

Name/Title:Ms. Lih-Rong Chiou Director of Planning Division
Phone No.:ext. 1617

Name/Title:Mr. Chih-Chiang Cheng Coordinator for Promotion Division
Phone No.:ext. 1613

Name/Title:Ms. Wen-Ling Lin Coordinator for Promotion Division
Phone No.:ext. 1614

Name/Title:Ms. I-Hsien Liu Coordinator for Promotion Division
Phone No.:ext. 1615

Name/Title:Ms. Chi-Ling Chiang Coordinator for Promotion Division
Phone No.:ext. 1616

Duty -

Courses in our center are divided into two categories—credit courses and non-credit courses, including fine arts, paintings, sculptures, architecture art conservation, visual communication, craft design, multimedia and animation, culture creativity, graphic communications, radio and television, movies, drama performance, music, Chinese music, dance, art administration, art education, humanities education, sports, etc.

The credit courses are divided into bachelor degree and master's degree. Members who are above 18-year-old can take the credit courses. After completing the courses, they will get the credit certificate which serves to the advanced standing when they enter our school.

There are also many art programs in the non-credit courses. Students who are interested in these courses can sign up to attend. The information of all the courses provided is available on this website,URL: http://uaap.ntua.edu.tw/exeducation/.

Owing to the increasingly academic exchanges, Extension Education Center offers a variety of exchange activities for sister schools in mainland area. We cordially welcome students from Taiwan and Mainland China to enroll the exchange activities so as to enhance the quality of art and culture as well as create a better partnership between Taiwan and Mainland China.