The Art and Culture Center

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Introduction -

The Art and Culture Center is located in the campus of National Taiwan University of Arts, as the important role of performing arts promotion and performances, and to provide education, visual and performing arts programs of different places and functional requirements, not only on campus and in the community has a very important position, and the play art promotion with performances exchanges mission.

Our organization is divided into the group of the performing and promote group, Venues including the Lecture Hall (226- seat), the international conference room (105- seat), Fu-Zhou performance hall (141- seat) and performing arts center will be completed in the near future which can carry more than one thousand audiences,the center with the performing will become the New Taipei City construction of large-scale art performances target. The center in addition to occasionally launch of the performances works of different artists, and links outstanding teachers and students to the various perfroming arts showing.The National Taiwan University of Arts art and culture center play the part between university and community, and mission enhance community aesthetics appreciation and promote the international of our cultural and performaonces.

The Staff of Art and culture Center -

Name:Tsai, Ming-Yin
Duty:The main person in charge of art and culture center
Phone No.:ext1750

Name:Chang, Lian-Qiang
Duty:The organizer of the audit activities and performances
Phone No.: ext1756

Name: Chiang, Wang Ta
Duty:Taking charge of International Conference hall and Fu Zhou Performance Hall and general affairs of the office
Phone No.:ext1758

Name: Kao, Wei-Hung
Duty:Taking charge of Lecture Hall and the execution of art and culture performance
Phone No.:ext1754

Name: Ting, Yi-Wen
Duty:Taking charge of Execution, planning and promotion of performing art
Phone No.:ext1753

Duty:Taking charge of Fu Zhou Performance Hall and general affairs of the office
Phone No.:ext1759

Name: Chuang,Yu-Hsuan
Duty:Taking charge of program of dance music
Phone No.:ext1755