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The Office of Research and Development conducts research on university affairs development, teaching practices, academic exchange, and academia-industry cooperation. The office is comprised of the Research and Planning Division, the Academic Development Division, Industry-Academia Collaboration Center and Innovation Incubator Center.

1.Research and Planning Division (Ext. 1930-1931)
This division conducts research and planning on short-term and long-term objectives for academic affair development, and assists each unit in our institution to create its own development objectives.

2.Academic Development Division (Ext. 1910-1911)
This division manages National Science Council and China Development Foundation projects, academia-industry cooperative projects, individual off-campus projects with companies, development of strategic alliances between arts universities.

3.Industry-Academia Collaboration Center (Ext. 1912 、1932-1935)
This Center is mainly in charge of NTUA’s cooperation with government entities, commercial enterprises, NGOs, or academic research institutes (abbreviated as cooperative institutions) in one of the following matters:
(1) Research and development and its applications: including specific project research, material exchange, testing and examination, technology service, consulting, patent application and technology transfer.
(2) Related cooperative education, training, workshop, discussion, seminar, or practicum.
(3) Other applications related to the rights and interests to NTUA’s Intellectual Property Rights.

4.Innovation Incubator Center (Ext. 2601-2602)
Combined with digital technology and cultural creativity, Innovation Incubator Center incubates mainly TV, film, pop music, digital content, craft and design industries. NTUA is comprised of 5 art-related colleges and 1 cultural and creative industry park. Thus, Innovation Incubator Center provides companies with diverse consulting projects, administrative support and research capacity.