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Introduction -

The Office of General Affairs consists of six divisions, including the Document and File Division, General Affairs Division, Cashier Division, Construction and Maintenance Division, Environment Protection Division, and Property Division. The Office of General Affairs aspires to provide a refined and comprehensive teaching and learning environment, and to serve faculty and students with sincerity and enthusiasm.

People -

Staff -
Dean of General Affairs: Shie, Wen-Chi

Secretary of General Affairs: Lai,  Hsiu-chen

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Document and File Division:
Document and File Division is mainly responsible for the dispatch, receiving, mailing, and proof-reading of official papers, the use of seals, the
claiming and management of files, and the material collection and recording for regular administration meetings.
Director: Chen Fan- Yin

General Affairs Division:
The key works of General Affairs Division include order and purchase of property, campus cleaning and environment maintaining, security, vehicle,
telephone system and support for campus gathering and activities.
Director: Chen Yi-Ju

Cashier Division:
Cashier Division takes charge of the university’s cashier affairs, including faculty’ wages, lecture fees, all types of transferring checks and cash deposit and withdrawing, tuition, statistics of credit hour fees, returning fees, negotiable security deposit and safekeeping, taxes and the
university’s banking.
Director: Wong Feng-Chuen

Construction and Maintenance Division:
Construction and Maintenance Division takes charge of construction planning, watering, electricity, air-conditioning, engineering, new building’s design, contracting of work, supervision, campus maintenance and repairing.
Director: Huang Ming-hung

Property Division:
Property Division is responsible for the management of land, houses, property of our university, accommodation foreign scholars, and colleagues’ mortgage affairs.
Director: Liu Chih-Chao

Division of Environment Protection:
Environment Protection Division takes charge of wastes, used and polluted water management, energy saving, safety and supervision of practice factories and locations.
Director: Liu Chih-Chao