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Life and art

Introduction -

National Taiwan University of Arts has fostered much art talent since its inception. However, teacher preparing in the past has been limited, and even talented people who have undertaken professional and orthodox art training have had difficulty in becoming teachers in high school and elementary schools. Our school applied for the High School Teacher Education Program and was allowed to open one class of teacher Education Program in 1996. Given an “Excellent” rating in a Ministry of Education evaluation of teacher education centers, our school was permitted to open two classes of the Elementary School Teacher Education Program in 2001, providing a more comprehensive service to art education.

Focus of the Center -

Aesthetics education is the focus of teacher development in the Teacher Education Center. The center strives to instill in students passion and patience, and all the qualities necessary to be teachers. The center encourages students to fulfill and advance themselves, as our students will in turn in do the same for their students.

The Center strongly emphasizes strategic cooperation with other units and organizations. For example, the center cooperates with the Graduate School of Arts and Humanities and Graduate School of Art-Culture Policy and Management to promote arts and humanities courses of the nine-year compulsory curriculum. The center cooperates with the museum to promote museum education, museum guidance training, and so on. The center assists nearby elementary schools to hold exhibitions, and during summer and winter vacations, the center also holds camp-like art events with elementary schools in remote areas. Our center has also been cooperating with Humanity Primary and Junior High School in Ilan County to develop experimental courses.

The Dance Department is also committed to helping the surrounding community in providing community service. For example, our department occasionally cooperates with The Lin Family Garden and the New Taipei City Government in various community-oriented events. We also occasionally perform in schools and make an annual graduation tour performance around Taiwan.

Education in the Center -

Courses are designed to be both “parallel” and “progressive.” The four main fields of study, basic education courses, teaching methodology courses, teaching internship courses, and basic teaching courses, are offered concurrently. However, the number of basic education courses decreases progressively, while the number of internship courses, and basic teaching courses increases progressively. In accordance with school policy regarding teacher development in the art field, our center encourages students taking the internship program to also take the Introduction to Special Education course to improve their knowledge about special education.

Faculty -

Wen-Chien Lia, Associate Professor & Head of Teacher Education Center
Academic Background: Ph.D., National Chengchi University
Specialty: Educational Administration

Chia-cheng Chen, Professor
Academic Background: Ph.D., National Chengchi University
Specialty: Educational Psychology, Learning Psychology, Motivational Psychology, Educational Assessment and Evaluation

Ju-Shan Hsieh, Professor
Academic Background: Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Specialty: Mathematics Education (K-8), Categorical Data Analysis

Tzeng-Rrong Huang, Assistant Professor
Academic Background: Ph.D., National Chengchi University
Specialty: Educational Statistics, Educational Finance

Hsiao-Feng Cheng, Assistant Professor
Academic Background: Ph.D., National Taiwan Normal University
Specialty: School counseling, Positive psychology, Drug addiction therapy

Course -

Introduction to Education(2)
Philosophy of Education(2)
Educational Psychology(2)
The Theories and Development of Curriculum(2)
The Theories and Practices of Guidance(2)
Classroom Management(2)
Principles of Instruction(2)
Educational Testing and Assessment(2)
Arts and Crafts(2)
Performing Arts(2)
Health and Physical Education(2)
General Mathematics(2)
Introduction in Sciences(2)
Introduction in Sociology(2)
Children Literature(2)
Teaching Practice and Principle in Social Science(2)
Teaching Practice and Principle in Mathematics(2)
Teaching Practice and Principle in Science(2)
Teaching Practice and Principle in Mandarin(2)
Educational Practice(2)
Diagnosis of Math Teaching(2)
Primary Military Training Course(2)
Teaching Practice and Principle in English(2)
Teaching Practice and Principle in General Activities(2)
Teaching Practice and Principle in Arts and Humanities(2)
Administration Theory and Practice in Arts and Humanities(2)
Characters and explanations of words in ancient books(2)
Mandarin Phonics and Speaking(2)
Children English(2)
Children Theater(2)
Child Development(2)
Children Arts(2)
Children Printmaking(2)
Art Therapy(2)
Game Therapy(2)
Drama Therapy(2)
Music Therapy(2)
Reading Therapy(2)
Education Administration(2)
School Administration(2)
School-Based Curriculum Development and Evaluation(2)
Regulation in Education(2)
Methods of Educational Research(2)
Sociology of Education(2)
Educational Media and Operation(2)
Primary Education(2)
General Education(2)
Informational Education(2)
Comparative Education(2)
Life Education(2)
Career Development(2)
Human Relationships and Communication(2)
Group Dynamics(2)
Psychology of Children(2)
Psychology of Development(2)
Psychology of Learning(2)
Psychology of Adolescence(2)
Special Education(2)
Techniques of Behavioral Modification(2)
Introduction to Arts Theory(2)
Knowledge Management(2)
Educational statistics(2)
Parent Education(2)
Computer and Teaching(2)
Gender Education(2)
Reading Comperhension Stragegy(2)
History of Education(2)
Teacher oral expression skill(2)
Subject Matter and Teaching Method Fine Arts(2)
Subject Matter and Teaching Method Fine Music(2)
Subject Matter and Teaching Method Fine Dance(2)
Subject Matter and Teaching Method Fine Drama(2)
Principles in Arts and Humanities(2)
Practice in Fine Arts(2)
Practice in Fine Music(2)
Practice in Fine Dance(2)
Practice in Fine Drama(2)
Practices in Arts and Humanities(2)