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Introduction -

The Doctoral Program of Performing Arts, NTUA provides the highest level of studying the theories of performing arts as well as preparing leaders for academic research, cultural policies and industries. It aims to deepen the interdisciplinary researches in the fields of performing arts, to improve the integrity of studying related policies and industries, and to pursue the localization of theory construction.

Focus of the Program -

Looking forward to proactive thinking and international perspective, the Doctoral Program of Performing Arts contributes to the highest education for the researchers working cross- disciplinarily, cross- culturally and creatively for either academic or practical requirements. It hopes to promote the construction of both local and international systems of performing arts, as well as to enhance the integrity between cultural policies and creative industries of performing arts.

Education in the Program -

The Doctoral Program of Performing Arts is founded to ensure cautious attitude for academic research as well as the abilities for practical operation. It is our hope that our doctoral graduates would on the one hand have international dialogue, and on the other hand conduct researches and organize activities for performing arts on the basis of our own cultural spirits. Therefore, they will surely provide perfectly the best for the tasks and positions of academic institutes, mass media, cultural business, and performing groups.

Faculty -

Jao-Hsun Tseng, Professor and Chair
Academic Background: MFA in Dance, Lindenwood University
Specialty: Chinese Dance, Chinese Dance Repertories

Course - Required courses

Advanced Research Methods of Performing Arts (3)
Theory and Application in Performing Arts (3)
Dissertation (3)

Elective Courses

(一) Seminar
Seminar on Music Historiography(3)
Seminar on Drama Historiography(3)
Seminar on Chinese Opera Historiography(3)
Seminar on Dance Historiography(3)
Seminar on Contemporary Performance(3)
Seminar on Classic Work in Performing Arts(3)
Seminar on Theory of Music(3)
Seminar on Chinese and Western Dramatic Theory(3)
Seminar on Greek Theatre(3)
Seminar on Chinese Drama(3)
Seminar on Dance Theory(3)

(二) Research
Interpretation Seminar of Performing Arts(3)
Opera Directing Methods and Production(3)
Seminar on Oriental and Western Theater with Songs and Music(3)
Ballet Creation Methods and Production(3)
Research on New performing of Music(3)
Seminar on Elizabethan Drama(3)
Research on Tanztheater(3)
Research on Non-main Stream Music(3)
Seminar on Music Philosophy(3)
Seminar on Contemporary Theatre (3)
Seminar on Dance Philosophy(3)
Application and Practice of Performing Arts Technology(3)

(三) Interdisciplinary/ Culture
Research on Interdisciplinary Approach in Music Composition(3)
Research on Interdisciplinary Approach in Theatre Production(3)
Research on Interdisciplinary Approach in Dance Creation(3)
Research on Transdisciplinary Creative Approach Theatre Arts(3)
Research on Transdisciplinary Creative Approach in Music Theatre(3)
Research on Transdisciplinary Creative Approach in Theatrical Dance(3)
Research on Transdisciplinary Creative Approach in Contemporary Chinese Opera Performance(3)
Research on Interdisciplinary Performance Approach in Taiwanese Music Group(3)
Research on Interdisciplinary Performance in Taiwanese Theatre(3)
Research on Interdisciplinary Performance in Taiwanese Dance Company(3)
Research on of Cross-Culture Performing Arts(3)
Seminar on Cross-culture Chinese Opera(3)
Seminar on Cross-culture Drama(3)
Seminar on Cross-culture Music(3)
Seminar on Cross-culture Dance(3)
Seminar on Interdisciplinary Approach in Performing Arts(3)
Creative and Culture policy of Performing Arts(3)
Seminar on Culture Ecology of Performing Arts(3)