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Introduction -

Established as “the Department of Chinese Music of National Taiwan School of Arts” in 1971, the Chinese Music Department of National Taiwan University of Arts,NTUA is set with three-year and five-year academic system and changed as institute in 1994. The previous three-year academic music department was changed as Chinese Music Department and daytime Chinese music department was set in July of 1997 after the approval of the Ministry of Education. Five-year academic system was stopped accordingly. Since changed its name as National Taiwan University of Arts,NTUA in 2001, it has successively set “advanced undergraduate class”, “two-year on-job class (stopped)”, “daytime postgraduate class” and “on-job postgraduate class” on the basis of “university department”, with a view to diversifying the learning ways of the students.

To carry forward the spirit of the traditional music teaching, the department has invested huge teaching capital to support the continual development of the traditional music department. The teaching content includes the performance and theory of Chinese music, including the forms of Chinese music, music varieties in Taiwan and Mainland as well as the introduction of the music worldwide; music basics training is conducted by referring to the music theory of the western world and the performance course and skill theory are complemented, hoping to obtain excellent performance system and tradition on the basis of stressing theory and skills.

To keep the same pace with the diversified systems of the university, the department inspects and gradually adjusts the course settings on each academic year. Currently, the teachers in different courses have realized digital teaching materials and place these materials on the network digital board of the campus to allow the students to learn before and after class, and get feedbacks from them after the semester is finished, for the purpose of teaching improvement, inspection and correction. The score early warning system of the midterm test of the school is actively coordinated to understand the learning situation of the students, give timely guidance to them and encourage them to make preparations for further education or employment.

Faculty -

Shin-Tsai Huang, Associate Professor and Chair
Academic Background: Graduated from Conservatoire National Superieur de Musique de Paris
Specialty: Chorus, Fundamental Training of Music, Vocal Music, Introduction to Narrative Music, Chorus Theory & Practice

Ping-Heng Tsai, Professor
Academic Background: the science of history (Ph.D.)
Specialty: the history of Chinese music

Li- Chiung Chang, Professor
Academic Background: MA, UCLA
Specialty: Field Work and Transcription, Seminar on Chinese Music, Zheng, Zheng Ensemble Ethnomusicology, Folk Songs

Wen-Wei Chu, Associate Academic
Academic Background: BA, Chinese Culture University
Specialty: Erhu, Music Administration, Theory of Chinese Music, Music Appreciation, Folk Instrumental Music, Graduation Presentation

Tien-Ya Yeh, Associate Professor
Academic Background: BA, Department of Music, National Taiwan Normal University
Specialty: Keyboard Harmony , Counterpoint , Harmony, Composition Theory, Piano

2015.08-2016.07 visiting professor:WANG PEIYU
2015.08-2016.07 Visiting Assistant Professor:CHEN SHUN HSIEN

Course of Bachelor -

Major (8)
Minor (1)
Introduction to Folk Songs (2)
Introduction to Folk
Instrumental Music (2)
Harmony (4)
Fundamental Training of Music (8)
Theory of Chinese Music (4)
Counterpoint (4)
History of Chinese Music (4)
Content and Form of Traditional Music (2)
Content and Form of Contemporary Music (2)
Introduction to Narrative Music (2)
Introduction to Chinese Traditional Drama Music (2)
History of Taiwanese Music (4)
Graduation Presentation (4)
Ensemble (24)
Narrative ad Drama Music Singing (3)
Keyboard Harmony (4)
Music Appreciation (4)
Folk Songs Appreciation & Performance (2)
Folk Instrumental Music Appreciation & Performance (2)
Minor (3)
Acoustics (4)
Organology (4)
Chorus (4)
Aboriginal Music of Taiwan (4)
Computer Scoring (4)
Research Method and Thesis Writing (4)
Percussion Ensemble (4)
Ensemble of Pluckstringed Instruments (4)
Making and Maintenance of Instrument (4)
Notations of Chinese Music (2)
Chinese Temperament (2)
Psychology of Music (2)
Music Therapy (2)
Introduction to Qin Music (2)
Theory and Aesthetics of Qin Music (2)
Introduction to Digital Music (2)
Digital Music Arranging (2)
Modern Chinese Chamber Music (4)
History of Western Music (4)
Piano Accompaniment (4)
Conducting (4)
Administration of Music (4)
Chinese Ethnic Minority Music (4)
Drama Music Appreciation & Performance (2)
Narrative Music Appreciation & Performance (2)
Asian Music (2)
World Music (2)
Introduction to Ethnomusicology (4)
Digital sound recording and application (4)
Aesthetics of Music (4)
Analysis of Traditional Music Works (2)
Analysis of Contemporary Music Works (2)
History of Modern & Contemporary Chinese Music (2)
Chorus Theory & Practice (4)
Interdisciplinary Application of Music (4)

Course of Master -

Research Method and Thesis Writing (2)
Field Work and Transcription (2)
Seminar on Chinese Music (2)
Major (4)
Content and Form of Traditional Music (2)
Seminar on Taiwanese Music(2)
Seminar on Folk Songs (2)
Taiwan Aboriginal Music Repertoire (2)
Seminar on History of Modern & Contemporary Chinese Music (2)
Theory and Methodology of Musicology(Ⅰ) (2)
Theory and Methodology of Musicology(Ⅱ) (2)
Seminar on Chinese Drama Music (2)
Contemporary Music Repertoire (2)
Music Administration & Management (2)
Comparison between Chinese & Western Music Repertoire (2)
Nan Guan Music Repertoire (2)
Bei Guan Music Repertoire (2)
Seminar Research On Music Psychology (2)
Music Acoustics (2)
Stage Performing Practice (2)
Seminar on Music Aesthetics(2)
Notation (2)
Theory of Music Temperament (2)
Seminar on World Music (2)
String & Wind Ensemble (2)
Performance & Interpretation (2)