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Introduction -

Our department was originally established in 1957 as the Music Department Academy of Arts. At that time, the department only recruited junior high students for a five-year program. The five-year program gave talented young students an extended period of training which gave many talented Taiwan musicians their professional music education. The Ministry of Education finally discontinued the five-year program in 1998 after 41 years.

Our institute became the National College of Arts in 1998. Along with this change, the department began to admit students with high school diplomas, who were eventually granted bachelor degrees. The institute was upgraded to university status in 2001, and in 2006, our department received approval to open a master’s program. An in-service master’s program was established the following year. Our students have enjoyed extraordinary success both in Taiwan and abroad.

Focus of the Department -

The Department of Music emphasizes both traditional and modern techniques to develop all-rounded musical instrument players and vocal music performers. We support music composition and provide training in modern musical theory analysis and performing skills. We also train students in music production, composition, recording, and computerized composition.

Education in the Department -

Our department provides specialized music performance training based on academic principles. Training includes specialized skills required for music composition, performance techniques for keyboard, orchestral instruments, percussion instruments, and plucked string instruments, and abilities in vocal music and opera performance.

Curriculum is divided into seven sections: composition, keyboard, stringed music, orchestral instruments, percussion instruments, plucked string instruments, and vocal music. Students pursue their major area of study on an individual basis while taking other specialized music courses in classes or in groups. Our department stresses ensemble training and supports an orchestra, a chorus, a chamber ensemble, a string ensemble, a wind ensemble, a percussion ensemble, and a modern music ensemble. Each semester our department, in coordination with other departments of our school and the resources of the community, organizes fine arts programs and concert series.Our department offers BFA and MM degrees

Faculty -

Chao-Ling Sun, Professor and Chair
Academic Background: DMA, University of California, Santa Barbara
Specialty: Violin Performance, Chamber Music, String Music Research,String Pedagogy

Yung-Wen Tsai, Professor
Academic Background: MM, Fu Jen Catholic University
Diplome Superieur d’Execution, Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris
Specialty: Voice Performance, Chorus Conducting,Choral Conducting, Chinese Art Songs

Yiu-kwong Chung, Professor
Academic Background: DMA, New York City University
Specialty: Composition, Percussion, Contemporary Instrumental Performing Techniques

Shu-Ling Lu, Professor
Academic Background: DMA, Ball State University
Specialty: Conducting and Conducting Methods

Ru-Lin Lai, Professor
Academic Background: DMA, Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester
Specialty: Piano Performance, Piano Accompaniment, Piano Music Research, Piano Accompaniment and Collaborative Performing Art, Chamber Music

Jia-Yu Wu, Professor
Academic Background: PhD, UCLA
Specialty: Musicology, History of Western Music, World Music

Sou-Tin Chen, Associate Professor
Academic Background: D M A, University of Missouri-Kansas Cityr
Specialty: Piano Performance, Piano Music Research, Score Reading, Piano Accompaniment and Collaborative Performing Art, Chamber Music, Piano Pedagogy

Yi-Cheng Chiang, Assistant Professor
Academic Background: PhD, University of Birmingham
Specialty: Composition, Modern Music Analysis, Counterpoint, Seminar on the Contemporary Music

Ti Huang, Associate Professor
Academic Background: MM, New England Conservatory of Music, Boston, MA, USA
Specialty: Clarinet Performance, Chamber Music, Woodwind Pedagogy, Orchestral Studies for Winds

Yi-Chih Lu, Visiting Assistant Professor
Academic Background: Konzertexamen, University of the Arts Berlin
Specialty: CPiano Performance, Innovative Chamber Music, Chamber Music, Improvisation

Course of Bachelor -

Ensemble (2)
Keyboard Harmony (2)
Piano Literature (2)
Piano Pedagogy (2)
Piano Accompanying / Collaborative Performance (2)
Chorus: Mixed Choir (2)
Vocal Chamber Music (2)
Chinese Art Songs (2)
Western Art Songs (2)
Ensemble: Symphony Orchestra (1)
Ensemble: Wind Ensemble (1)
Chamber Music (1)
Counterpoint (2)
Wind Literature (2)
Wind Pedagogy (2)
Ensemble: String Ensemble (1)
Chamber Music (1) String Literature (2)
String Pedagogy (2)
Performance (2)
Percussion and Plucked Instruments Literature (2)
Italian and German Diction (2)
French and Chinese Diction (2)
Acting for Musical Theater (2)
Opera Workshop (2)
Interpretation and Performance of Western Art Songs (2)
Chamber Music Repertoire and Performance for Piano (2)
Introduction to Music (2)
Piano Sightreading and Elementary Accompanying (2)
Instrumentation (2)
Exploration of Harpsichord Works (2)
Score Reading (2)
Computer Music (3)
Orchestral Excerpts (2)
Contemporary Instrumental Performing Techniques (2)
The Planning and Marketing of Music Performance (2)
Recording Engineering (4)
World Music (2)
Thesis Writing Music Essays (2)
Music Criticism (2)
String Instrument Repair and Production (4)
History of Contemporary Music (2)
Music History of Taiwan (2)
Introduction to Brass Instrument Repair (2)
Advanced Conducting (2)
Piano Tuning and Basic Repair (2)
Music Analysis (4)
Music Aesthetics (4)
Introduction to Music Therapy (4)
Arranging for Commercial Music (4)
Improvisation (2)
Sightsinging and Ear Training(1)
Orchestration (2)
Keyboard Harmony (2)
The Planning and Marketing of Music Performance (2)
Recording Engineering (2)
Music Criticism (2)
Introduction to Woodwind Repair (2)
Introduction to Music Therapy (2)

Course of Master -

Research Methods (3)
Interdisciplinary Research in Performing Arts (3)
Seminar on Theory of Aesthetics (3)
Seminar on Performing Arts (3)
Computer Music (3)
Advanced Computer Music (3)
Seminar onContemporary Music (3)
Contemporary Music Analysis (3)
Tonal Music Analysis (3)
Fugue (3)
Piano Accompanying Collaborative Performing Art (3)
Performance and Interpretation of Piano Works (3)
History of 20th Century Music (3)
Classical Music History (3)
Baroque Music History (3)
Romantic Music History (3)
Seminar on Opera (3)
History of Opera (3)
Style and Interpretation of Vocal Works (3)
Seminar on String Music (3)
Seminar on Choral Conducting and Works (3)
Seminar Topics on Wind Music (3)
Seminar on Orchestral Conducting and Works (3)
Development and Application of Percussion Instruments (3)
Compositional Arrangement for Percussion Music (3)
Individual Study (3)