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Introduction -

The Department of Graphic Communication Arts (GCA), established in 1955, is one of the original three departments in the university. Keeping up with changing times and technology, the department began as the Printing Technology and Arts when the school was first founded, changed into to the Department of Graphic Arts when the school was upgraded to four-year college status, and took on its current form, the Department of Graphic Communication Arts, when the institution was upgraded to university status. The College of Communications is the only university college in the country where the study of radio, television, motion picture and graphic communication arts is integrated within a single professional college. Both Department of Graphic Communication Arts along with the Department of Motion Picture are the earliest academic units in the country in their respective fields and both colleges have accumulated extraordinary experience and valuable resources over the years.

Focus of the department -

While most communication schools in Taiwan emphasize the human, social and informational aspects of the field, our college also focuses on the artistic performance in the communication context. Our students not only receive training in the major field of study, but also in music, painting, dancing, sculpture, movies, drama, multimedia and animation, industrial design, radio and television, and even architecture art conservation. In recent years, our graduates have begun careers in photography, image design and processing, multimedia design and production, package design, publishing, printing technology, and digital content related affairs. By the time they graduate, our students are very experienced and equipped with hands-on experience.

Our department offers an open and liberal study environment. Teaching units are small in size, and we value the importance of close interaction between teachers and students, which is vital to the development of creative works. In order to broaden their perspectives, students are encouraged to take part in the international activities and competitions.

Education in the department -

Education in the Department of Graphic Communication Arts includes both theory and practice, and theoretical courses are combined with creative production works. Students specialize in a field of art, technology and communication media, while learning communication technologies such as sets printing, photography, publishing, design, and management at the same time. The program covers creation, design, production, application, and application of printed art media, as well as computers, the Internet and print media. Students have a high degree of flexibility and are able to create their own university program and conveniently take a double major or a minor if they wish. Students gain very specific skills in photography, computer designing, printing, information management, and research which allows them to cope with the changing features of the high-tech and information-oriented graphic communication industry.

Our department offers Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), and a Master’s Program (MS). We are in the process of developing a doctoral program. Please visit our web site: for more information.

Faculty -

Shiuan-Ruei Yang, Associate Professor & Chair
Academic Background: Ph.D., Chiba University
Specialty: Commercial Photography, Package Design, Visual Communication Design

Chang-Lang Chen, Professor
Academic Background: MA, Chinese Culture University
Specialty: Graphic Communication Technology, Business Management, Electronic Publication Systems, Digital Image Processing

Feng-Nien Han, Professor
Academic Background: Ph.D., National Taiwan Normal University
Specialty: Technology and Vocational Education, Technology Management, Graphic Communication Technology

Yung-Cheng Hsieh, Ph.D. Professor
Academic Background: Ph.D., Iowa State University, U.S.A.
Specialty: Graphic Communications, Digital Content, Printing Technology and Management.

Pei-Ling Liao, Associate Professor
Academic Background: DAB, HSS, University of Technology (Sydney)
Specialty: Interactive Multimedia Design, Digital Engineering Production, Audio and Video Data Production, Website Management and Promotion, Photography, Media Design, Graphic Design, Commuter Graphics and Painting

Meng-Tsung Tai, Associate Professor
Academic Background: Ph.D., University of Northern Iowa
Specialty: Chromatics, Color Management, Digital Publishing, Computer Assembly, Typography Design, Image Processing, Printing technology, Package and Structure Design

Chiu-Pai Ho, Professor
Academic Background: Ph.D., National Taiwan Normal University
Specialty: Management and Techniques for Publishing, Printing Technology, Graphic
Communication Technology, Digital Archives, Technological and Vocational Education

Kuo-Kun Lee, Associate Professor
Academic Background: MFA, National Taiwan University of Arts
Specialty: Advanced Oil Painting, Independent Study in Printmaking, 3D display technology systems, Media Communication

Course of Bachelor -

Required Course

Photography Practicum(2)
Introduction to Graphic Communications(4)
Basic Design(2)
Computer Graphics(2)
Introduction to Management(2)
Color Reproduction Theory(2)
Media and Communication Theories(2)
Prepress Operation Practicum(1)
E-Book Creation and Publishing (1)
Principles of Marketing (2)
English in Graphic Communications(2)
Digital Image Creation(2)
Introduction to Economics(2)
Introduction to Statistics(2)
Color Management(2)
Introduction to Publishing(2)
Multimedia Design and Reproduction(2)
Screen Printing Practicum(1)
Digital Content Creation and Application (1)
Offset Lithography Practicum(2)
Quality Management and Engineering(2)
Binding , Finishing and Distribution Processes(2)
Production Management(2)
Research Methods and Thesis Writing(4)
Senior Project(2)
Special Topics in Graphic Communications(2)
Programming Languages (2)
Digital Right Management (2)
Elective Course
Advertising Design(2)
Photography Design(2)
Image Processing(2)
Chromatic Scheme(2)
Commercial Photography(2)
Advertising Photography (2)
Advanced Commercial Photography(2)
Creative Development Design(2)
Printing Design (2)
Advanced Photography(2)
Webpage Design and Authoring(2)
Computer Layout(2)
Digital Sound and Image Editing(2)
Electronic Commerce(2)
Digital Media Technology(2)
Analyses and Applications of Digital Content Industry(2)
Adobe Application Software (2)
Digital Multimedia Integration (2)
Cross Media Reproduction and Management(2)
Package Printing Design(2)
History of Graphic Communications(2)
Introduction to Presswork(2)
Printability (2)
Printing Cost Analysis and Estimation(2)
Special Printing (2)
Image Quality and Process Evaluation(2)
Structural Packaging Design(2)
Flexographic Plate Making and Printing(2)
Packaging Printing and Management (2)
Flexible Electronic for Publishing (2)
Digital Image Analysis(2)
Digital Plate Making and Printing(2)
Graphic Communication Technology Trends(2)
Printing Business Management(2)
Printing Safety, Hygiene and Environmental Protection(2)
Book Design and Publishing(2)
Magazine and Newspaper Design and Publishing(2)
Digital Publishing(2)
Digital Media Management for Publishing(2)
Database Development and Programming(3)
Internship Study(I) (2)
Management Information Systems(2)
Applied Statistics(2)
Internship Study (II) (2)
Human Resource Management(2)
Leadership and Interpersonal Skills(2)
Management and Marketing for the Culture Creative Industry(2)
Narrative theory and Practicum (2)

Course of Master -

Required Course

Research Methods(3)
Proposal and Thesis Writing(2)
Statistical Methods(3)
Seminar (I) (1)
Seminar (II) (1)
Seminar (III) (1)

Elective Course
Advanced Color Reproduction(3)
Management (3)
Financial Administration(3)
Printing Materials Investigation(3)
Technology Trends in Graphic Communication (3)
Creative Development of Design Research(3)
Advanced Digital Image Analysis(3)
Special Topics in Graphic Communications Media(3)
Experimental Design and Statistical Analysis(3)
Advanced Color Management(3)
Statistical Quality Control(3)
Printing Production and Operation Management(3)
General Design Research(3)
Research and Evaluation(3)
Color Analysis and Application(3)
Digital Content Production(3)
Project Management(3)
Digital Publishing Research(3)
Multimedia Design and Production(3)
Media Planning (3)
Safety and Hygiene in Printing Industry(3)
Independent Study in Graphic Communication Technology (1)
Independent Study in Graphic Communication Management (1)
Independent Study in Graphic Communication Education (1)
Independent Study in Graphic Communication Design (1)
Independent Study in Graphic Communications Industry (1)
Independent Study in Printing Technology and Management (1)
Special Topics in Digital Media (3)
Special Topics in Print Media (3)
Special Topics in Photography Media (3)
Special Topics in Design Media (3)
Special Topics in Publishing Media (3)