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Creative Industry Design (Ph. D)

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Introduction -

Based on a diverse array of programs and courses in art, the Graduate School of Creative Industry Design seeks to prepare students who will be leaders in the profession by employing the highest standards in academic research, cultural creative design, and service innovation. Courses and degrees emphasize synthesis of design thinking, aesthetics, technology, and marketing. The program provides students with opportunities to be successful in their contributions to develop cultural creative industries locally, nationally, and globally.

Education in the Department -

Education in the Department of Fine Arts provides support to students on an individual basis. The department equally emphasizes creative production and academic research, and encourages students to take elective courses in other departments. The program is international in its perspective and encourages students to develop an artistic style with both international and local influence. Students interested in education also have the option of becoming teachers in the elementary and secondary school systems.

The Department of Fine Arts offers BFA and MFA degrees.

Faculty -

Po-Hsien Lin, Professor and Dean
Academic Background: Ph.D., Texas Tech University
Specialty: Wooden Crafts, Art Theory, Art Education, Aesthetics

Rungtai Lin, Professor
Academic Background: PhD, Tufts University
Specialty: Creative and Cultural Industry, Human Factor Engineering, Product Design, Design Management

Mei-Hsien Huang, Associate Professor
Academic Background: PhD, National Taiwan Normal University
Specialty: Management of Museum and Creative and Cultural Industry , art education, paintings

Jun-Liang Chen, Associate Professor
Academic Background: Ph. D., National Taiwan University
Professional Specialty:Cultural and Creative Industries Innovation Specialty: Management and Internationalization, Marketing Management, Technology Management, International Business Management, Strategic Management, E-business, Enterprise Business Model Analysis

Course of PH.D -

Research Methodology (3)
Design Topics on Creative Industries (3)
Culture Product Design (3)
Creative Industries Marketing (3)
Craft Design Research (3)
Visual Design Research (3)
Intellectual Property Research (3)
Digital Design Research (3)
Creative Industries Research (3)
Electronic Commerce Research (3)
Application of Technology Foresight (3)
Innovation Strategy (3)
Creative Life Industries (3)
Living Aesthetics Criticism (3)
International Marketing Strategy (3)
Commercial Design Research (3)
Digital Design & Media (3)
Experiential Marketing Research (3)
Culture Innovation Design (3)
Cognitive Behavior Research (3)