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Introduction -

The Department of Crafts and Design was originally the Department of Industrial Art of the National Taiwan Academy of Arts. However the name and concept of the department has continually changed to keep pace with the development of industry and the increasing need for design talent. Over the years, our department has been the Product Section and Decoration Section, the Crafts and Design Section, the Applied Arts Section, and the Crafts Section and Design Section. In 2001, when our school was reorganized from a college into a university, our department became a member of the College of Design along with the Department of Visual Communication Design and the Department of Multimedia and Animation Arts.

Focus of the Department -

Our department aims to cultivate talents in product design, crafts creation, and arts marketing and management and actively promote elective courses to precisely provide students with multiple courses and help them develop specialized skills.

Education in the Department -

Education in the Department of Fine Arts provides support to students on an individual basis. The department equally emphasizes creative production and academic research, and encourages students to take elective courses in other departments. The program is international in its perspective and encourages students to develop an artistic style with both international and local influence. Students interested in education also have the option of becoming teachers in the elementary and secondary school systems.

Education in the Department -

(1) Cultivating talents in product design, crafts creation, and arts marketing and management and promoting elective courses to precisely provide students with multiple education and help them develop specialized skills.

(2) Designing courses of crafts and deign on the basis of social culture and achieving the teaching objectives though the development of specialized production and communication and the integration of the courses with the axis of design, and integrating courses on marketing and management to make crafts and design practical and beautiful living arts.

(3) Giving consideration to both production design and crafts creation; the former includes everyday fine works and modern everyday use and particularly emphasizes the application of materials and performance of life and cultural design whereas the latter integrates the specialized courses such as ceramic, jewelry & metals, woodworking, glass and fiber art in order to develop compounding materials and cultural characteristics inherited crafts production.

(4) On the basis of social culture and through the development of specialized production and communication capability and the integration of the courses with the axis of design, our department proposes to promote cultural creative design program to make crafts and design practical and beautiful living arts. On the other hand, we also highlight education-industry collaboration, promote cultural creative industry village, and emphasize cooperative education program in order to cultivate arts industry talents and undertake research on living arts production.

Faculty -

Li-We Liu, Associate Professor & Chairman
Academic Background: Aichi University of the Arts (Japan) / Master Degree
Specialty: Product Design

Chi-Chang Lu, Professor
Academic Background: National Taiwan Normal University
Specialty: History of Chinese craft, ceramic crafts, Basic drawing, calligraphy.

Chen-Hao Fan, Assistant Professor
Academic Background: Ph.D., Chiba University
Specialty: Industrial design, product planning and market analysis, design management and public property design

Chih-Long Lin , Associate Professor
Academic Background: Ph. D, National Tsing Hua University
Specialty: Ergonomics, Product usability, Workplace evaluation of musculoskeletal discomfort

Jia-Haur Liang , Associate Professor
Academic Background: Ph. D, The University of Sydney
Specialty: Contemporary Ceramic Art & Design, Craft theory.

Tan-Chi Chao, Associate Professor
Academic Background: M.A, London Guildhall University
Specialty: Metal art, Silversmithing, Gemology, Jewellery design

Kung-ling Chang , Associate Professor
Academic Background: Ph. D, Tamkang University
Specialty: Product Design, Computer aided design and manufacturing, Ceramics Mold Making

Ying-Chia Lee, Lecturer
Academic Background: M.A, National Hsinchu University of Education
Specialty: Woodworking Creation

Course of Bachelor -

Mandatory Courses / (Credit Points)
Basic Design(2)
Principles of Form(2)
Introduction to Craft Design(2)
History of Modern Design(2)
Basic Drawing(4)
Metals and Jewelry(4)
Wood Working(4)
Glass Art(4)
Chromatic Study(2)
Computer Aided Design(2)
History of Chinese Crafts(2)
Creativity Development(2)
Design Method(2)
Product Design(2)
Seminar (2)
Craft Creation(2)
Culture Theory(2)
Design Management(2)
Research Study(2)
Product Development and Planning (2)
Elective Courses / (Credit Points)
Creative Design(4)
Ceramic Mold Making (3)
Clay and Glaze Experiment (2)
Forging Technique(3)
Enamel Art(2)
Jewelry Design & Drawing(2)
Glass Shaping Technique(2)
Materials Science of Ceramics & Glass (2)
Glass Hot Working(2)
Glass Cold Working(2)
Furniture Design(2)
Interior Design(2)
Bamboo Art(2)
Advanced Bamboo Art(2)
Fiber Dyeing(2)
Fiber Art(2)
Leather Art(2)
Plastics Art(2)
3D and Composition Art(3)
3D Digital Design(2)
Computer Aided Manufacturing(2)
Experience on Art Creation(2)
Expression of Art(2)
Design Psychology(2)
Product Photography(2)
Academic Writing and Presentation(2)
Home Page Design(2)
Package Design(2)
Accessory Design(2)
Universal Design(2)
Products Analyzing(2)
History of Western Art(2)
Contemporary Art Theory(2)
Industry Analysis and Development(2)
Lifestyle Analysis(2)
Community overall Construction(2)
Field Study(2)
Arts & Crafts Appreciation(2)
Aesthetics of Art & Crafts
Promotion of Cultural Creativity(2)
Marketing Research(2)
Project Management(2)
Studio Management(2)
Promotion Planning(2)
Secondary Language on Crafts and Design(2)
Oil Painting(2)
Design Drawing(2)
Color Planning(2)
Form Abstracting and Designing(2)
Proposals and Briefing(2)
Design Law(2)
Ceramic Housewares Design(2)
Ceramics Sculpturing(2)
Lacquer Art(4)
Advanced Ceramics(3)
Ceramics Creation(2)
Advanced Metal Working(3)
Metals and Jewelry Creation(2)
Glass Craft Creation(2)
Advanced Woodworking(3)
Woodworking Creation(2)
A Seminar on Art and Crafts (A) (2)
B Seminar on Art and Crafts (B) (2)

Course of Master -

Mandatory Courses / (Credit Points)
Craft Design and Making (3)
Research Methods (3)
Contemporary Arts & Design Thinking (3)
Introduction to Statistics (3)
Study of Craft Industry (3)
Elective Courses / (Credit Points)
Ceramics Studio (12)
Metal & Jewelry Studio (12)
Woodwork Studio (12)
Product Design Studio (12)
Arts Practice as Research Method (3)
Creative Product Design (3)
Practices of Exhibition Planning (3)
Study of Promoting Creation (3)
Technology in Craft Design (3)
Cultural Design (3)
Research in Formative Theory (3)
Study of Product Semiotics (3)
Cognition Psychology (3)
Glasswork Design (3)
Study and Consumer Behavior (3)
Study of Crafts & Aesthetics (3)
Interdisciplinary Study (3)
Innovation Planning and Proposing (3)
Digital Archive and Design (3)