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Introduction -

This department was established in 2000, and a graduate program was subsequently set up in the 2007-8 academic year. The department conducts research on and manages conservation of cultural features of Taiwan. The department also passes down ornamental art techniques of traditional architectures.

Focus of the Department -

Our department preserves formulas, patterns and techniques of “antique architectures” in Taiwan local culture, and strives to gain a correct understanding of the origins of practical ornaments. In addition to cultivating talent for architecture repair and conservation, our department also founded a pattern database for Taiwan craft arts based on field investigations. The department has also established a cultural asset database, and conducts research on the repair and conservation of individual architectures..

Education in the Department -

Education in the Department of Architecture and Art Conservation is a modified version of the oral language-based master-disciple system. The new system includes “theoretical training” and “traditional techniques.” Our department also invites master craftsmen and artists to participate in our teaching program, tutoring our students in traditional techniques according to their respective specialties. The traditional relationship between student and teacher maintained in our department is complemented by field investigation and data collection based on art records and documents. The department also offers BFA and MFA programs.

Faculty -

Yao-huei Hong, Professional in the Professor Level
Experience: Student of Su Hai-ping from Quanzhou; apprentice to Huang Guei-li
Specialty:Traditional Wood Craving

Wen-Chun Chen, Professional in the Associate Professor Level
Experience:Son of Chen Ying-Pai from Hemei Township,ChanghuaCounty
Specialty:Research Of Traditional Colored Drawing(Colored Painting)

Shih Yi,Pai , Lecturer
Academic Background:M.F.A., Institute of Department of Architecture Art Conservation
Specialty:Modeling;Relief;Drawing;Tranditional Wood Carving)

Su-Chian,Chang, Assistant Professor
Academic Background:M.F.A., Institute of Department of Architecture Art
Specialty:Modeling;Porcelain –Decoration;Fifure Modeling

Ching-Wang Shao, Assistant Professor
Academic Background:
Specialty:Research lies in the conservation of Taiwan’s cultural heritages, historic monuments, antiquities, and other relics.Using modern techniques to bring antiquities to life

Chien-Lang LI, Visiting Professor
Academic Background: Department of Architecture and Urban Design, Chinese Culture University
Expertise: Chinese architecture history, Taiwanese architecture history, cultural assets

KUBODERA SHIGERU, Visiting Professor
Academic Background: Department of Architecture and Urban Design, Tokai University
Expertise: Research Of Traditional Colored Drawing(Colored Painting)

Ming-Ho,Hsu, Visiting Professor
Experience: Student of Zih-Lai, Yao from Taipei
Specialty:Porcelain Decoration, Paste Decoration of Temple

Ruei-Cheng, Hou, Visiting Professor
Experience: Student of Ming-Kun, Wu from Tainan
Specialty:Traditional Wood Craving

Course of Bachelor -

History Of Chinese Crafts(4)
Basic Carving(4)
Introduction to Taiwan Traditional Architecture(2)
Auspicious Patterns(4)
Flower-And-Bird Carving and Restoration(4)
Traditional Architecture Structure(4)
Hakka Relics Observation(2)
Introduction of Hakka Culture(2)
Temple Painting in Decoration(4)
Animal Carving in Restoration(4)
Materials Science for Restoration(2)
Porcelain Decoration(4)
Auspicious Symbol Carving and Restoration(4)
Auspicious Sign Pattern Design(2)
Figure Craving and Repair(8)
Traditional Architecture Design(4)
Auspicious Sign Pattern Design(2)
Porcelain Decoration(8)
Painting Decoration(8)
Information Compile(4)
Relif Study(4)
Historical Data and Allusion(4)
Food-figure Molding (4)
History Figure Pattern Design(2)
History of Taiwan Architecture(2)
Coating Colors Pottery(4)
Conservation Survey(4)
Computer-aided Pattern Design(4)
Conservation Case-Study of Alien(4)
Imlements Conservation(4)
Introduction of Traditional Technique Used(1)(2)
Dragon Pattern Design(2)
The Operation of Architectural Polychrome Conservation(4)
Shrine Carving(2)
Paste Decoration in Temple(6)
Introduction of Traditional Technique Used(2)(2)
Cultural Properties (2)
Decorative Arts Topics of Ancient Buildings(2)
Imitates of Technique(1)(2)
Introduction of Materials and Techniques(1)(2)
Conservation Principle(2)
Golden Powder Painting(3)
Gild and Paint the Surface of Woodcarving(3)
Imitates of Technique(2)(2)
Introduction of Materials and Techniques(2)(2)
Mode Design of The Porcelain(2)

Course of Master -

Research Methods (3)
Reserch in Architeure Pattern Decoration(3)
Thesis Preparation(3)
Architecture Painting Techniques(1)(3)
Architecture Painting Techniques(2) (3)
Reserch in Molding(3)
History Story for Opera Carving Special Issue Study(3)
Cliques of Crafts(3)
Theory of Plastic Art(3)
Hakka House Research(3)
Conservation Techniques for Cultural Polychrome(3)
Pictorial Database(3)
Hakka Architecture Culture of Taiwan(3)
Oral of Crafts(3)
Observation for Human Culture Record(3)
Classic Fiction(3)
The Pluralistic Cultural Features of Taiwan Traditional Architecture(3)
Hakka Studied(3)
Consoluidation and Conservation Technique for Cultural Polychrome(3)
Research in Traditional Carving(3)
Dragon Pattern Design Special Subject(3)
Soft Porcelain of the South China Area(3)
Ming Ch’ing Dynasty Painting(3)
Modeling Design(3)
Research in Architecture Painting(3)
Traditional Mural Painting(3)
Architecture Painting Techniques(3) (3)
The Management and Maintenance for Historic Relics(3)
Composition for Plan(3)
Pattern Design of Painting(3)
Research in Propitious Object(3)
Architecture Painting Techniques(4) (3)