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Introduction -

Since the establishment of an independent Department of Fine Arts in 1967, the Department of Sculpture has been the only department in Taiwan centered on sculpture research and creation. Early faculty members were all master artists who passed on their talents to generations of students, creating a tradition of sculpture excellence. Former students of the department have had a profound influence on public art.

Focus of the Department -

Our department incorporates both eastern and western theories and techniques to allow autonomy and creativity in model construction. The department also integrates the tools of modern media.

Our department has taken five broad approaches:
1.Local and international course component: Our department conducts multidisciplinary and special topic lectures, and we have developed practical curatorial courses.
2. Sculpture resource center: Our department has created a network library for sculpture-related writings, a database for the development history of sculpture, and a sculpture museum.
3. Sculpture academic network: Our department has compiled research files on important sculpture works in Taiwan.
4. Exchange activities: International conferences, exhibitions, and publications.

Education in the Department -

We impart to students basic knowledge of sculptural culture and of professional art through academic research and study, making use of the qualities of Eastern art in the context of western sculpture form. Our department has rearranged the curriculum structure such that students are able to create their own field of study through course selection rather than arbitrary division into study groups. Students then proceed to refined modern sculpture workshops in “Sculpture,” “Metalworking,” “Woodcarving,”“Stone Carving,” and “Mixed Media.”

Faculty -

Yun-Hsin Lai, Professor & Chairman
Academic Background: Ph.D., Kanazawa college of Art, Japan, Tama Art University, Japan
Specialty: Wood Carving, Modeling, History of Modern Sculpture, Public Art

Po-Chun Liu, Professor
Academic Background: Ecole National Superiur des Beaux-Arts De Paris
Specialty: Sculpture, Metalworking, Sculpture in Modern Art, Multimedia Art

Chu-Lan Liu, Professor
Academic Background: PhD, Sorbonne-Paris IV,
Specialty: History of Western Art, Art Theories and Criticism, Thoughts in Arts

Hsi-Te Sung, Professor
Academic Background: Ph.D., Tokyo University of the Arts, Japan
Specialty: Environmental Design and Plastic, Kinetic Art, Public Art

Kuo-Hsien Wang, Associate Professor
Academic Background: MFA, Carrara Art Academic
Specialty: Stone Carving, Three-dimensional Design, Sculpture Appreciation, Modeling

Ming Chen, Associate Professor
Academic Background: Escola D’arts Aplicades I D’Oficis Artistics De Barcelona “LLOTJA”
Specialty: Wood Carving, Relief Study, Glass Art, Ceramic Sculpture, Chinese Sculpture History

Yeo, Chee-Kiong, Visiting Assistant Professor

JGu, Zhen-Qing, Visiting Professor

Course of Bachelor -

History of Chinese Arts (4)
History of Western Sculpture (4)
Anatomy of Art (4)
Formative Study(2)
Appreciation about Sculpture Works (2)
Fundamental drawings (8)
Basic Modeling(4)
Modeling (4)
Modeling Applied(4)
Creative Modeling (24)
Creative Wood Carving (24)
Creative Metal Working (24)
Creative Stone Carving (24)
Creative Multimedia Arts (24)
History of World Arts (4)
Modern Taiwan Sculpture development (2)
Sculpture in Modern Art(2)
Trend of Thought in Contemporary Art (2)
Art Criticism (2)
Primary Arts (2)
Sculpture Material (2)
Academic Lectures (4)
Curatorial and Practice Study (2)
Public Art (2)
Technology and Arts (2)
Digital Sculpture (2)
Seminar of Sculpture and creative Industry (2)
Sculpture and Technology (2)
3D and Composition Art (2)
Cold Casting (4)
Manufacture of Sculpture Mold Patterns (4)
Gesture Drawing (4)
Advanced Drawing (2)
Relief Study (2)
Mosaic (2)
Ceramics Sculpture (6)
Basic Carving(4)
Basic Composition(4)
Life Drawing(4)
Analyze in Sculpture(2)
Composition Modeling(4)
Kinetic Art(2)

Course of Master -

Sculpture Theory (2)
Ideas in Contemporary Sculpture (2)
Seminar: History of Modern Sculpture (2)
Seminar: Western Sculpture History (2)
Seminar: Taiwan Sculpture History (2)
Art Theory and Criticism (2)
Research Methods (3)
Language of Sculpture (2)
Multi-dimension Spatial (3)
Technical Media Arts (3)
Public Art (3)
Installation (3)
Computer Art (3)
Sculpture exhibition planning (3)
Research of Modern Sculpture(2)
Introduction of Sculpture Theory(2)
Studio of sculpture creation(12)
Studio of constituting creation(12)
Studio of molding creation(12)
Methods of Thesis Writing(2)
Composition of Sculpture(2)
Study on Three-Dimension’s Sculpture(2)
Psychology of Form(2)
Research in Interpretation of Carvings and Sculptures(2)
Research of Soft Sculpture(2)
Oriental Art and Thought(3)
Comparative Study of Eastern and Western Fine Arts(3)
Seminar on Theory of Aesthetics(3)
Topics on the culture of southern part of Fukien Province(3)
Performance to plan project(3)