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Introduction -

Our College consists of five teaching units: the General Education Center (GEC), the Teacher Education Center (TEC), The Graduate School of Art Management and Culture Policy (AMCP), the Graduate School of Arts & Humanities Instruction (AHI),and the MA Program of Chinese Arts for International Students.

Focus of the College -

Our College cultivates students to work or teach in art-related fields. With global views and humanistic values, we are in the process of developing an “integrated humanity and arts education.” Such a focus will promote international communication and combine professional art education and multiculturalism.

Education in the College -

Education in the College of Humanities aims to combine arts education and the latest information trends, together with daily life aesthetics, while maintaining a balance between local and international humanities and arts education.

Our college acts as an integrated platform for artistic creation and research, and supplies teaching resources to the four professional art colleges. Theory courses emphasize both qualitative and quantitative research which helps bridge the gap between the practice of art and art theory.

The College of Humanities has two graduate schools:
Graduate School of Art Management and Culture Policy (AMCP)
Graduate School of Arts and Humanities Instruction (AHI)

Dean’s Office -

Chia-cheng Chen, Dean and Professor
Academic Background: Ph.D., National Chengchi University
Specialty: Educational Psychology, Learning Psychology, Motivational Psychology, Educational Assessment and Evaluation

Course -

■College of Humanities Course Description
Classics in the Humanities(3)

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Graduate School of Art Management and Culture Policy (Master,PhD)
Graduate School of Art and Humanities Instruction(Master)
General Education Center
Teacher Education Center