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Introduction -

The College of Design of NTUA was officially founded as our school system was reformed on the 1st of August 2001. From then on, The College of Design has become one of the five official colleges of NTUA. The first dean was Professor Chen-Chou Liou, the second one was Professor Tien-Tseng Yeh Liu, and the third one was Dr. Rung-Tai Lin. Currently, the new dean is Professor Hsing-Jung Hsu.
At present, our college includes three departments for both undergraduate and graduate programs, which are the Department of Visual Communication Design, the Department of Crafts and Design, and the Department of Multimedia and Animation Arts, and a Graduate School of Creative Industrial Design which offers doctoral degree program.
Our college is the only one among universities of arts in Taiwan combining the practice-model and the research-model features with a complete educational system for arts and design.
The academic excellence of our college has attracted some of the best teachers and students around the world to learn and research together. Additionally, we strive to connect and reinforce the exchanges between academic, research, industrial fields as well as policies, accumulating the accomplishment of teaching and research of a variety of disciplines, such as fine arts, design, science, management, information technology, etc. Thus, our college has gained a solid foundation for interdisciplinary and integrative studies.
Our college keeps the principles that teaching and researching should be regarded as equally important and that we should help students develop their virtue in order to cohere to our university’s motto “Truth, Goodness, and Beauty.” With our long traditions and professions in the fine arts field, keeping the concept of “humanity-centeredness for the base, humanities for the body of concept, and creativity for the application of expressions,” we aim to train our students to become professional designers who possess humanity, sense, and sensibility.

Basic Literacy of students -

1. Deep literacy of humanity and aesthetics
2. Macro international horizon of arts and design
3. Heritage of diversified arts fields
4. Excellent abilities of integrating arts and design

Core abilities of students -

1. Interpretation of arts and humanism concern
2. Efficient communication and international horizon
3. Interdisciplinary cooperation and critical thinking ability
4. Logical thinking and creative expression

Prospects -

The College of Design was founded when our school system reformed in 2001. With reforming for several times, our college extended the scale including three departments (Visual Communication Design, Crafts and Design, Multimedia and Animation Arts) and one doctoral program (Graduate School of Creative Industry Design) For a long time, we have kept the utmost purpose that cultivates professional and excellent talents. We hope our students may not only have the literacy of social and cultural concern but have creative thinking and international horizon with interdisciplinary concepts. With our mutual efforts, we push NTUA to the peak of arts and design field and not only root in Taiwan but reach out the whole world. The prospects of our college are as followed:

1. Establishing doctoral program in three departments
We will actively strive for establishing doctoral program and complete the educational system in order to enhance the vertical and horizontal progress in academic fields. With the establishment of doctoral program, the practice-orientation undergraduate division can root in academic research continually and grow stronger based on the solid foundation of research.

2. Supplying the facilities for teaching
We will cooperate with the different schedule of departments and supply the lack of facilities in order to provide students with descent learning spaces and integral learning resources. Additionally, we will build the atmosphere in favor of the faculties and students for progressing together.

3. Applying the design expression to serve the society
Our college holds the humanistic spirit and encourages faculties and students interact with the society with design specialty. Our college continually develops the industry-academic cooperation cases and makes efforts to communicate with local culture of Taiwan in order to cultivate our inner cultural intension and realize the context of Taiwan culture.

4. Building superior social and academic image
Our college has the educational environment with dense atmosphere of arts and design and excellent faculties. We continually conduct on industry-academic cooperation and strive for the internship in different firms to advantage students to hunt the jobs smoothly. With hard training and education, we can foster the assets of human resource which contain both the high-level literacy and professional design skills. Furthermore, we can provide the best talents of academic fields. With all the efforts, the industrial and academic fields can have good impression on our college.

Faculty -

Shih-Kai Chung, Professor and Dean
Academic Background: Ph.D., George Washington University
Specialty: Computer Graphics, Program Design, 3D Computer Animation, Virtual Reality, and Animation Production

Course of Bachelor -

Introduction to Interactive Design (2)
Crafts & Fashion (2)
Introduction to Multimedia (2)
Development of Design Creativity (2)
Rules and Regulations of Design Copyrights (2)
Principle and Appreciation of Visual Communication Design (2)
Classical Lectures (2)
Cultural Creativity Design (2)
Packaging Material and Design (2)
Introduction to Animation (2)
Principle and Appreciation of Visual Communication Design (2)
Introduction of New Media Art (2)
Basic Aesthetics (2)
Craft Workshop-Product Design (2)
Visual Communication Workshop-Package Design (2)
Multimedia and Animation Workshop-2D Hand Drawn Animation (2)
Workshop for Designer (2)
Web Page Design (2)
Dynamic Web Design (2)
Principle and Appreciation of Visual Communication Design (2)

Course of Master -

Design Strategy of Creativity Industry (3)
Taiwanese Special Design Topic Research (3)
Study of Digital Art and Technology (3)
3D Computer Graphics (3)
International Design Trends (3)
Study of Product and Consumer Behavior (3)
Research on Creative Cultural Industry Practice (3)
Digital Music and Sound Effects (3)
Oriental Aesthetic in Form (3)

Related Departments:

Department of Visual Communication Design(Bachelor, Master)
Department of Crafts and Design(Bachelor, Master)
Department of Multimedia and Animation Arts(Bachelor, Graduate School of Animation Art, Graduate School of New Media Art)
Graduate School of Creative Industry Design(PhD)