The Office of Student Affairs

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Introduction -

The Office of Student Affairs provides a variety of services and programs outside of the classroom to enhance the personal development of students. The office coordinates a variety of services that are distinct and different but nonetheless similar in their orientation toward student development, involvement, and service.

Advocates in the office are available for students who may need assistance with their personal adjustment to college life, with an academic problem, or with interpretation of university policies and procedures. Advocacy and other special services also are provided for disabled, students from oversea, off-campus students, and women students. Educational programs and workshops in the areas of leadership, time management, stress management, and interpersonal skills are presented on an on-going basis and when requested by campus groups.

Staff -

Student Life Affair and Health Promotion Division

Tel 886-2-2272-2181 ext.1350
Fax 886-2-2966-3245
Staff Chief of Health Promotion Division : Chia-Lin He

1. Settling all categories of grants for student study, including the reduction and exemption of the administration fees, applications for all kinds of grants and scholarships, and study loan.
2. Hygiene and health promoting activities.
3. Rewards and reprimands for student conduct.
The phone number is +886-2-22722181 ext. 1351 -1354.

Extracurricular Activities Division

Tel 886-2-2272-2181 ext.1310
Fax 886-2-8965-0404
Staff Chief of Extracurricular Activity Division : Kung-ling Chang
The Extracurricular Activity Division (EAD) provides the following

1. Organizing University Anniversary Ceremony, Graduation Ceremony and all other important events of the campus.
2. Taking charge of related issues for the Student Union and the Student Council.
3. Producing and publicizing the New Intake Guidance for new students to know their campus faster and better.
4. Managing e-Advertizing Board, so as to fast and effectively promote all students' showcase activities on all TV walls.
5. Taking charge of 31 distinctive student organizations, providing all students opportunities to learn outside the classroom.
6. Organizing artistic and cultural activities to enrich the campus life in an unfixed manner.
The EAD is open Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
The phone number is +886-2-22722181 ext. 1311,1312 or 1313.

Student Counseling Center

Tel 886-2-2272-2181 ext.1450
Fax 886-2-2272-0056
Staff Chief of Counseling Service Center : TSENG-JUNG,HUANG

Student Counseling Center provides the following services:

1. Offering Individual counseling and psychological tests in accordance to the student’s problems and needs and providing one-to-one conversational counseling and tests which help the student to understand his problems and to solve them.
2. Promoting mental hygiene activities: holding talks and activities for gender equality, life education, interpersonal issues and etc.
3. Taking charge of counseling for the handicapped: providing all categories of aiding services for lessons, life counseling and guidance, learning partner arrangement, accessory application, etc.
4. Taking charge of counseling for overseas students: settling applications for residency certificates, re-entry issues, and organizing gatherings or cultural experiencing activities to make overseas students to feel at home.
5. Responding to student complaints: handling students’ complaints for improper arrangement for study results, rewards, or reprimands which cause the violation of human rights and the loss of benefits.
Service hotline: 886-2-2272-2181(ext.)1451-1457

Student Career Development Center

Tel 886-2-2272-2181 ext.1460
Fax 886-2-2968-8434
Staff Chief of Student Career Development Center : Su-Chian, Chang
The duties of Student Career Development Center (SCDC) are mainly to gather and provide information concerning student career planning and career development, in order to prepare NTUA students and alumni in developing their professional career. The SCDC currently comprises a staff of 5 full-time members, including Center chief, coordinator, two administrative assistants and one project assistant. Our regular tasks are:

1.Planning student service-learning curriculums.
2. Arranging on-campus practical training.
3. Conducting career developing activities.
4. Organizing career fair.
5. Conducting questionnaire survey on NTUA alumni’s career conditions.
6. Organizing forums on enterprise employment.
7. Conducting surveys on employers’ satisfaction with NTUA alumni employee.
Office Hour:8 a.m to 5 p.m ,Monday to Friday
Contacts:+886+2+22722181 ext.1462,1463 or 1464

Military Training & Life Guidance Division

Tel 886-2-2272-2181 ext.1950~1956
Fax 886-2-2967-4948
Staff Chief of Military Training & Life Guidance Division : Chiung

Military Training &Life Guidance Division: services are as follows:
1. Counsel and life guidance for student.
2. Management of dormitory.
3. Advice for students' accomodation rental issues outside campus.
4. Education for students' safety in traffic.
5. Lost and found service.
Service hotline 886-2-29674948.