President’s Office(Secretariat)

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Introduction -

The Office of the Secretariat is a staff unit under supervision of the President, responsible for secretarial tasks, public relations and department liaison. The Office has a Secretary-General, who supervises the Secretariat Affairs Division and Public Affairs Division (including Alumni Liaison Center).

People -

President: Chen, Chih-Cheng
Vice President: Hsueh, Wen-Jean
Vice President: Wu, Isabelle
Secretary General: Tsai, Ming-Yin
Section Chief of Public Affairs Division: Chen, Ching-Lin
Senior Executive officer: Chiang, Ting-Fu

Duty -

The office oversees the review of all official documents, organization of university meetings, coordination of university affairs, arrangement of interdepartmental affairs, public relations, university fund raising, and miscellaneous tasks assigned by the president and vice presidents. In recent years, the office has managed secretarial reform projects which have involved the simplification of the official document process as well as the promotion of e-education, e-administration and e-management.